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Miniature Pampers
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Dollhouse Pampers
Dollhouse Miniature Pampers
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Miniature Pampers (2 pcs)

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This item is essential for a miniature baby room. A miniature diaper (or a miniature nappy) is underwear that babies help so they do not need to go to the toilet. The famous brand Pampers offers many kinds of diapers. These miniature Pampers (2 packages) look realistic and they look great in your dollhouse (if it has some babies or a babyroom)! Babies need to have diapers in their tiny baby room. Details of the diaper package:

  • Size approx: 3.5*3.5*1.5cm
  • Suitable for 1:6 scale dollhouses
  • Package (the order) includes 2 pieces as can be seen on the photo

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